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(Building and construction works - installation and maintenance of fire and alarm systems - installation of cooling and air conditioning systems - installation and maintenance of sanitary ware.)


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Binyah Construction Contracting Company (BCC )

BENYAT CONTRACTING COMPANY is a Saudi company, its legal entity is limited liability, owned by Siamez Misr General Contracting Company, known by the abbreviation as - BCC - and it specializes in the field of contracting. Now, with the development of Siamez Company and achieving its first goals, it has been able to have a foot in the Saudi market. By opening its first branch in the city of Riyadh.

“Building Construction” represents a role model in the contracting field, as it combines experience, professionalism, and the use of advanced technology to deliver innovative, high-quality projects that meet customer expectations and contribute to developing communities and improving infrastructure.

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Why benyat construction contracting company (BENYAT Contracting Company )

 Fires engulf many people in front of them every year indiscriminately, incurring enormous losses of lives and property, our goal is to provide and provide fire alarms in order to contribute to reducing these damages by providing devices that can determine the location of fires and the source of ignition immediately after it starts, as well as ways to extinguish to preserve lives, not to mention property

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تنفيذ انظمة التكيف


تنفيذ انظمة السلامة


تنفيذ انظمة الانارة وانظمة التيار الخفيف


تنفيذ انظمة الصحي


تنفيذ اعمال مدنية وتشطيبات


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We pride ourselves on providing complete and reliable solutions in the field of safety and security. Contact us for more information and do not hesitate to ask for our advice to ensure effective protection against fire hazards.


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The company" benyat construction " stands out as one of the leading companies in the field of contracting, where it employs specialized teams of Engineers, contractors, technicians, and workers, with the aim of implementing projects with the highest levels of efficiency and quality.

By relying on qualified and specialized teams, "binyah construction" strives to achieve high quality standards and safety in every project it undertakes. The company has strong experience in implementing projects of multiple sizes and complexity, which enables it to adapt to the requirements of each project and provide the best possible solutions.

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